Friday, October 15, 2010

Taslima Nasrin to Cartoonist Arif

Taslima Nasrin to Cartoonist Arif

The author of the Muhammad Biral carttoon should be seeking assistance from Biral or similar sources.

Islam and Muslim bashing is the most spectacular sport in the world today and many self centered, elitist and hyperactive people like Taslima Nasrin took advantage of it. Geert Wilders of Indonesian mother and Dutch father is audaciously anti-Muslim and shamelessly pro-Israel similar to infamous Ayaan Hirshi Ali and “expired” Ershad Manji are in the same predicament!

--- In, Avijit Roy wrote:

Cartoonist Arif (whose arrest and detention for the Muhammad Biral carttoon earned criticism from local and international rights groups few years ago) 's mother is presently suffering from a very serious kidney disease and struggling for survival.

Arif belongs to a very poor family with no financial backing for treatment and clinical investigations. Kindly donate as much as you can...



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