Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why Should I Lend My Support for Time Square Bomber?

Why Should I Lend My Support for Time Square Bomber?

I am landing my support to stop state sponsored terrorism emanating, from cruise missiles, bombers, helicopters, tanks, machine guns, cannons, radio and television stations, newspapers, banks, defense establishments, state and UN instruments!

I do so while I reserve my absolute right to remain peaceful and reject violence of all forms.

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Do You Think Osama bin Laden Is guilty or Innocent?, 9/11 0f 1967, 9/11 of 2009, Zionist Conspiracy to Bomb Synagogue, Questionable Nigerian Bomber and silence thereby; what do we know about the Time Squire Bomber?

From tourist to terrorist: The mystery over Times Square bomber's motives deepens and many untold and unreported stories easily suggest the fact that Zionised American Terrorism Continuum i.e. exporting democracy and free speech (?) by bombs and bullets, bombing schools, wadding parties, funeral processions including inciting Muslims by Naked Mohammad of South Park and Mohammad Cartoons are playing well along with Belgian Prejudice and Bigotry.
We are watching helplessly that anyone and everyone were given permit to insult and abuse Islam and Muslims in any forums at any time. However, even in the Yahoo Q and A including any other media outlets, we are not allowed to ask legitimate question about Israeli war crimes and genocide! Report Monkeys will attack and destroy should anyone dares to do so!! Radio, television and newspapers are full of anti-Muslim and anti-Islamic rumors and innuendoes!!!
Why do we have such a blatant double standard and hypocrisy? Why do we have to be everyone’s punching bag? Why do we have to suffer totally false and fabricated propaganda, prejudice and bigotry based on incorrect and improper racism and sectarianism?
Should you wish to examine Australian Communication & Media Authority Denied Justice to Muslims and Convicted Genes Oriented Judgment? you may discover, the victim i.e. Faruque Ahmed or any other decent public advocates for that matter are silenced by the corporate media in a harsh, unjust, and oppressive manner!
I am obliged to write this article despite the fact that I oppose and condemn violence - be that initiated by an individual, group or a state.
Time is right to stand up against state sponsored terrorist, bullies and oppressors!