Friday, June 11, 2010

Shameful Episodes of Enslaved USA

Shameful Episodes of Enslaved USA

Considering the illogical and immoral abuse and misuse of American UN Veto Power alone, one can easily conclude that America is not a democratic country in the fist place! Most importantly a series of madly used Veto were totally inconsistent with the US Constitution and way of life. They have been using this unpopular and condemned Veto to protect Israeli war crimes and genocides in favor of the continuity of the longest running concentration camps known to mankind in the occupied Palestine!

Helen Thomas was sacked by the Israel centric dictators of USA before SHOULD HELEN THOMAS BE REMOVED FROM THE WHITE HOUSE PRESS ROOM? verdict. Do you call it democratic decision based on American values and interests?

Further to US Terrorism via UN, Is it 9/11 of 2010? and What Do You Think About The Greatness of USA? Israel can extradite US citizens but the US government can not extradite Israeli citizens according to many provisions including the Jewish Law!

“Each US citizen pays an average of $25,000 in tax to Israel”! Illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq was a war for Israel and Dick Cheney openly said, “Iraq pullout would hurt Israel”!

The US Federal Reserve is owned by 16 private banks! USA is obliged to ensure oil supply to Israel.

Israel is a burden of USA and What US gained from the Middle East? including all other materials clearly demonstrate the fact that the blind US support for Israel is the most undemocratic, un-American, illogical and immoral decision.