Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tipai Mukh Dam

Tipai Mukh Dam Discussion Group

The Rice Bowl of India, Bengal, has the gift of water via it’s vast rivers. Food crops, fish stocks, trade, transportation, nature, environment, flora, fauna are part of peoples' life lines that are the inhabitants in this area and by extension inhabitants, elsewhere. These groups are both directly dependent on the river system of the Bengal region.

During the 70’s India constructed the Farakka Dam! The impact of Farakkah Dem was and is devastating to Bangladesh and some of the neighboring parts of India! To make it worse, India has constructed a few more dams which has added more misery and created a slow motion, destructive effect. In short, Bangladesh is a lake in the wet season and a desert in the dry season. It is a man made slow and sure death trap imposed on a nation of 160 millions which results in, and creates a source of environmental refugees!!

Such indiscriminate constructions of dams are in Violation of UN Convention on the Law of the Non navigational Uses of International Watercourses-1997 and other protocols.

Yet, the power drunk Indian government is unstoppable and arrogant as well!

Now India is going to built forty more dams including Tipai Mukh Dam which will ensure the inevitable and proper destruction of nature and the environment. In addition many of the indigenous tribes of India will inevitably suffer in the long term as a result of the decision to build these dams! Isn't it a cruel game?

Source: Source: Tipai Mukh Dam

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